Saydor "The Collector" Sacrian

Heretek of ill repute


WS: 38
BS: 39
STR: 37
TOU: 44
AG: 43
INT: 56
PER: 36
WIP: 44
FEL: 34
INF: 25

Common Lore (Imperium); Common Lore (Screaming Vortex); Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus); Common Lore (Tech); Dodge; Forbidden Lore (Archeotech); Forbidden Lore (Xenos); Forbidden Lore (Warp); Intimidate; Linguistics (Low Gothic); Logic +10; Medicae +10; Scholastic Lore (Astromancy); Tech Use +20; Trade (Armourer)

Quick & the Dead (+2 Initiative); Traitor to Mars (Binary Chatter, Mechanicus Implants, 2x Good Quality Bionics); Die Hard; Technical Knock; Weapon Training (Las, Primary, Shock, Plasma); Mechadendrite Training (Utility); Total Recall; Armour Monger; Lesser Minion of Chaos (Servo Skull); Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus)

Utility Mechadendrite
Luminen Capacitors
Good Quality Embedded Auspex
Good Quality Internal Reservoir
Unholy Unguents
Good Quality Greataxe
Best Quality Lascarbine
Enforcer Carapace Armour

Wounds: 15
Infamy Points: 2
Corruption Points: 8

Alignment: Unaligned


It all started out so well, after all, Saydor was eager to please, and wanted nothing more than to be the most productive, innovative, and well respected Crafter on Iol. Sadly, what began well, did not end well for the budding Tech Priest.

Saydor began a promising career at the lowest levels, apprenticed to the Fabricator Apsurdas, and slowly began to learn the Rites and Rituals of the Forge of Iol. The Priest’s problem was that Saydor felt that there was so much more to technology than the rote repetition of ill-understood rites, and set about learning everything needed to make the machines work better. This activity came to the attention of two separate and disparate groups, and soon Saydor’s life would be changed forever.

The first group to see the potential in Saydor’s work were the leaders of the Fabricator Cult of Iol, however their strict bent led them to look upon the Tech Priest’s innovations with horror and loathing. They convened a Tribunal and convicted Saydor of Tech Heresy for daring to alter the reload mechanism in the Iol-Pattern Ripper Pistol to prevent jamming, and thus corrupting the Holy Pattern of its Base Construction Template. They dispatched a squad of Skitarii to deal with the troublesome young Tech Priest, however there was something that they did not know.

The second group to see the potential of the young Saydor was the Children of Vildix, and they had no intention of letting the bright young Priest get butchered by the reactionary Fabricators. Child Rydicus appeared in Saydor’s rooms moments ahead of the Skitarii and whisked the young Priest away moments before the cybernetic soldiers of teh Mechanicus arrived. Appearing on the Children of Vildix’s secret installation in the Glimpaka system, Saydor quickly learned everything that could discovered of their ways and methods, and then turned a single-minded attention to melding Xenos tech left behind from the rubble of an ancient Necron base and melding it with the Unholy patterns of Vildix CCXIV’s Immaterial Stabilizers. This, it turned out, was a bit more innovative than even the Children of Vildix were prepared to countenance, and so Saydor was rejected by even these Hereteks.

Looking for ways to copy, adapt, and transform Xenos technology and meld it with her newfound understanding of the Warp, Saydor has attempted to collect samples and technology of all of the various Xenos and meld them with elements of the various arcane devices built by the Vildix Cult, and will not rest until this mad Tech Priest has built the ultimate new technology… even if Saydor has no idea what that is.

Saydor "The Collector" Sacrian

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